I’m still not back

I have been gone from this blog for a moment now, and i don’t intend to for a while, if anybody cares. 

First, because of personal reasons. One of my favorite band is back (FOB), one is over (MCR) and i don’t know how to cope with that. There’s a lot going on this year in the rock’n’roll world, and well it’s my world, and Adam is not quite in it. So yeah, my attention regarding music, is all focused on that, and not on Owl City. Also, i have a lot of troubles figuring my near futur, what i want to do with my life. My mind is going crazy. I procrastinate a lot, i don’t know what to do 90% of the time. But i’m never in a good mood to take care of this blog.

Second, and most important, as it’s the main subject these days, i really dislike the way Adam is behaving. It’s probably why i’m not really caring about him anymore, while some months ago he was almost my everything. I’m not a fighter about that, i think he’s mean these days, and i don’t see why i should be considerate about him, if he’s not about us.

He always had a strange humour, but something changes, in his way of saying things. He seems distant, cold, and so on. And as i said, i find him mean, or at least extremely sarcastic about us

I remember the first time he was sarcastic or made fun about us, it was funny, and a bit mean, but i didn’t care. Now, i think it was more mean than i thought. It’s been months actually, that he kind of criticizes us about being “girls with feels”. I don’t know about you guys, but  i feel like the way he perceives us is that we’re all 12 years old girls. And i’m pretty sure we’re not. That said, i love a lot of bands, and none of them ever made fun of their fanbase. 

I don’t really know how to explain things, but i feel like something is completely wrong. I guess i always thought he was someone to give a lot to his fans, and that “the hootowl fandom” was a happy peaceful fandom, because Adam created this world where we can escape. I think there’s nothing wrong at all with this fandom, but that this world is collapsing. 

I’m sad, disappointed. A bit angry, but the truth is i don’t even want to lose energy to be angry toward him. He was one of my hero, but he’s not anymore.

I’m not even going to talk about his recent music.

The Pacific EP (Port Blue)

I have no idea if it’s truly from Adam, but here are the download links (i don’t think someone made one post with all of them) :

  1. Base Jumping [x]
  2. Blue Marlin [x]
  3. June Bug [x]
  4. Parking Lot Fireworks [x]
  5. Pond Skater [x]